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Note: You are viewing documentation for the latest version of RL6:Mobile (RL6 application version 6.6.x). To see older versions, click here.


RL6:Mobile allows RL clients to report and manage events and patient comments on the go, directly integrated with RL6. Users can submit text, audio and images to describe the event or feedback straight from their mobile devices. This helps reduce the time spent entering data and give the users the flexibility to report information from the point of care.

Configuring the App

Before you can log into the app, it must be configured to your organization's settings. Tap Let's Get Started to configure the app.

Change Server

  1. Enter your server manually or tap the Refresh button to find a server.
  2. Select the server and tap Connect.

Change Account Type

These account types are set up by your administrator. To select a different account type, tap the default account that appears and enter another. Contact your IT team if you are unsure.

Logging in

  1. Enter your username and password.
  2. Tap Login.

Submitting a File

You can submit a file (i.e., feedback or patient safety events) using one of the forms, which allows you to provide details using various options: fill in fields, submit audio recordings, or upload photos.
To start a new file, do one of the following:

  • Tap the main menu button menu button in the top-left corner and tap a submission form.
  • Tap the + button from any of the inboxes and select a form.

Complete the mandatory fields on the 'Write' tab, add optional media in the Tell and Show tabs, and then tap Submit.


The fields in the Write tab are configured by your administrator. Fill out the mandatory fields, which may include General Event Type or Location, so that the file is routed to the correct managers after submission.


This option makes it easier to document the event if you are unable to type. You can add up to 10 recordings, and each recording can be up to 2 minutes in length.

  1. Tap Add Recording to start recording a voice file.
  2. When you’re finished, tap Stop Recording.
  3. Enter a title for your recording and tap OK, or tap Default to use the default naming convention (i.e., MM-DD-YYYY HH-MM-SS). Make sure you title it something that will help differentiate between all the recordings you want to submit for this event.
  4. To delete a file from the list, press (tap and hold) the file, and tap Delete.
  5. To sort the recordings, tap Edit, and then drag and drop the files in the list (by holding the right side of the file).


This option allows you to send a photo that describes or supports your event or feedback submission.

  1. Tap Add Photo.
  2. Select Take Picture to capture a new photo with your device or Browse for Picture to upload an existing photo. If you do not have the option to browse for a picture, your camera automatically opens.

You can upload up to 4 photos in your submission.

Administrator Note: The MOBILE_ADDFROM_GALLERY general system parameter controls whether or not users are allowed to select photos from a gallery.

Understanding Inboxes

There are three types of inboxes: Files, Tasks and Alerts. You may or may not see certain inboxes depending you what your administrator has set up for you. These inboxes allow you to manage files, tasks and alerts appropriately. From any of these inboxes, you can Add a Task or Add a File.

Note: In the inbox, pull down the screen to refresh the list. The inbox may automatically refresh whenever your administrator makes changes to your profile.

Administrator Note: Inboxes are based on the user's Info Center in the RL6 desktop application. Each file browse widget is displayed as an inbox. Alert and Task widgets are consolidated into one view to save space. Anonymous users will not see any inboxes, and users that do not have Info Center templates assigned to their profiles will see a list of their files submitted from the mobile device.


This inbox displays all files that meet specific criteria that are relevant to you. You may see multiple file inboxes for different lists of files. For example, your administrator may have set up an inbox for all Feedback files, another for all Risk Files and another for any of your submitted files. Next to the Inbox name, in the Main Menu, the displayed number indicates the number of unread files.

Within the inbox, unread files are noted with a vertical line on the right side of the file.

File Inbox

Figure 1. File Inbox. The letters next to each of the files correspond to the first letter of the file’s General Event Type.

Use this inbox to manage files.


This inbox displays all tasks assigned to you. The filter in the top-right of the Tasks inbox allows you to filter the list to display All Tasks, All My Tasks, My Completed Tasks, My Incomplete Tasks, My Delegated Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Future Tasks and Today's Tasks.

Tasks Inbox

Figure 2: Tasks Inbox. The circles and letters next to each of the tasks correspond to the first letter of the related module, e.g., red R - Risk, blue F - Feedback, yellow C - claims, gray C - Common

Tasks Filter

Figure 3: Tasks Filter

Note: The next time you open your Tasks inbox, it will be filtered by the last filter you selected.
Use this inbox to add, edit and complete tasks.


This inbox displays all your alerts. The filter in the top-right of the Alerts inbox allows you to filter the list to display acknowledged or un-acknowledged alerts.

Alerts Inbox

Figure 4: Alerts Inbox. The circles and letters next to each of the alerts correspond to the first letter of the related module, e.g., red R - Risk, blue F - Feedback, yellow C - Claims, gray C - Common

Use this inbox to manage alerts.

Managing Files

From a File Inbox, tap on the file you want to manage.

Work on any of the tabs: Overview, Summary, Re-assign.


The Overview tab displays the File Properties and File Activity.

File Properties

If you have permissions to change file state and status, you can access the File Properties dropdown. Note: In version 6.6, files cannot be closed from the mobile application. Closing a file and validating mandatory forms is limited to the RL6 desktop application only.

To change the file state/status, select one from the list. The file is automatically updated.

File Activity

The File Activity section displays follow-ups that you have rights to view. Tap on a follow-up to view its details.

Follow-up details

Figure 5: Follow-up details screen


The Summary tab displays the entire file’s current summary. Use this to review file details as well as the task summary to help you decide what to next on this file.


The Re-Assign tab allows you to change the ownership of the file, specifically, the 'Current Owner' or 'File Owner.' See searching users.

Working with Tasks

Note: You can also create tasks from within a file.

To add a task:

  1. Tap the + button within an inbox, and tap Add Task.
  2. Complete the following task fields and then tap Save Task.
Field Description
Module Select the module of the file related to this task. If this task is not associated to a file, select the Common module.
File Required for all modules except Common. Use the Search option to select the file to which this task is related. This quick search for files from inside a task is based on the file name.
Assigned to Required. Use the Search option to select the user who will be assigned the task.
Type Required. Select a task type: Check Account Status, Check File Status, Follow-up on File, Follow-up with MD, Follow-up with Patient, Hold Billing, Request Medical Chart, Request Physician Comments, Review Billing, Review File, Discuss with Risk Mgmt Team. (Your administrators may have added task types to this list.)
Deadline Required. Select a deadline date for the task.
Priority Select a priority: Low, Normal or High.
Description Enter a description for the task assignee.
% Complete Enter 0-100 percent completion. Setting this field to 100 will complete the task.
Reminder Date Select a reminder date. Note: This must be before Deadline date.
Email Notifications Select Yes to turn on email notifications.
Send Emails To Select Assignee and Creator or Assignee to receive email notifications (if the email notifications setting is set to Yes.)

To edit or complete a task:

  1. Tap on a task from the list to open.
  2. Edit any of the task fields or tap Complete Task, which updates the % Complete field to 100%.

Working with Alerts

From the Alerts Inbox, tap on the alert you want to view. Two tabs appear: Associated Files and Alert Details.

Associated Files

This is a list of files that triggered the alert. Tap a file to view it.

Alert Details

This tab contains the alert email message, describing why the alert was generated. To acknowledge/un-acknowledge an alert:

  1. Tap on an alert from the list to open.
  2. Tap Acknowledge or Un-acknowledge.

Acknowledging alerts is a good way to manage your notifications, keeping the result list from becoming cluttered and retaining a record of the alert in case you need to refer to it later.

Searching Users and Files

Within Inboxes, there are fields that require you to select another user or a file. For example, you may need to find a user when changing file ownership or find a file when creating a new task. The lookup option for these fields is indicated with a magnifying glass.
Administrator Note: Search results are limited by the value of the MAX_SEARCH_RESULT_COUNT_MOBILE general system parameter.


To search for a user:

  1. Tap the magnifying glass.
  2. Type in at least two characters of the User ID, name (first or last), title or department.
  3. When the results list appears, select the desired user.


Note: The search only looks through files currently in your mobile inboxes.

To search for a file from an inbox view:

  1. Tap the magnifying glass.
  2. Type in at least two characters of the file ID, file name or general event type.
  3. When the results list appears, select the appropriate file.
  4. If you cannot see the file in the list, tap continue search on server for older files.

To search for a file while creating a task:

  1. Tap the magnifying glass.
  2. Type in at least two characters of the file name.
  3. When the results list appears, select the appropriate file.


For App Users

Why can't I connect to RL6 through the app?

If you see a generic 'Cannot connect, please contact sysadmin' error message, it means that the app was unable to connect to the RL6 server. There are a few ways to troubleshoot:

  1. Open any mobile browser on your device and try to access RL6. Either go through your intranet or type in your config link manually into the address bar. If you can reach RL6, then it is most likely a typo in the configuration link. Try using the manual configuration option and type in the mobile configuration link your administrator provided. Important: Do not type ‘https://’ prefix into the app configuration.
  2. If you cannot reach RL6 in mobile browser (through intranet or direct link) then your device does not have permission to access RL6. This may be because:
    • You are not connected to your organization’s secure wifi network. Check your phone to see if it’s on 3G/4G or wifi. Most organizations lock down access to RL6 to devices that are connected to the internal network.
    • Your internet connectivity is poor and taking too long. Try to get full signal and then reconnect. You could also try going into Settings (iOS only), opening RL6:Mobile settings and increasing the length before the app times out.

If the error message is ‘You are not authorized to use RL6:Mobile… etc,' it means that a connection was made but there is no license or the admin has not enabled mobile submission. Contact your administrator and verify the following:

  1. There is a valid license for RL6:Mobile by checking that there is a function in the common role for RL6:Mobile.
  2. The general systems parameter for Mobile Submission is turned on. It should be set to ‘true.’

I'm configured, but why can’t I log into RL6:Mobile?

  • Ask your administrator to check that your user exists in RL6 or in the AD group for RL6.
  • Check that you have the correct spelling of username/password, and ask the admin to reset your password if required.

What's my server configuration?

Your administrator should provide you with a configuration link to enter into the app so that you can access your organization’s specific instance of RL6. In previous versions (6.5.2.X and lower), the RL6 production link was used to configure. In version 6.5.3 and above, a separate mobile service was introduced, and a separate mobile configuration link may have been introduced.

Your administrator may also have ‘autoconfigure’ enabled, which will connect you automatically to the appropriate server configuration when you use the app for the first time while connected to the organization network.

Do I have RL6:Mobile?

  • Check that your admins have enabled mobile (general systems parameters).
  • Check that there is a license for RL6:Mobile.

Why don’t we save the login/password in the app?

Security. Just like bank apps, we take security very seriously and require you to re-authenticate every session. We even log you out after prolonged inactivity.

Where are my mobile files going?

Files created in RL6:Mobile are created just like files submitted from the RL6 Icon Wall. The files enter a workflow to be managed and followed up on. They follow almost the same workflow as regular RL6 files.

Who does my file go to?

  • Anyone who can see all files
  • Anyone who can see all files for the site you submitted under or other scope that matches
  • Anyone who is given a task for the file

Why do I have to log in again to see my file summaries?

The file summary feature is meant to be used by anybody with a mobile phone browser and a login to RL6. This is a feature of RL6, not just RL6:Mobile. Since the access is outside of the app, you must verify your identity through the browser to access the file summary.

What happens to the photos I take on the app?

The photos you take through the app are uploaded to the RL6 servers as file attachments. They are not stored on your phone.

Photos you that take first (e.g., Gallery) and then add to your mobile submission remain on your phone. Please be diligent to delete any sensitive photos from your phone after you submit the file, or always use the RL6 app to take photos instead.

For Administrators

I can’t even get intranet on my corporate phone. How do I configure the app to point at the RL6 server?

You must be able to use your device to access RL6. If you’re going to use RL6 app on corporate devices that do not have access to your intranet, there needs to be a firewall exception for the app on the server on which it is installed.

You can limit the exception to a specific URL for mobile and not the web version to prevent opening up the web version as well.

Can I customize the mobile form?

Yes. Mobile forms can be created using the Form Designer, added to icons, and placed on users’ Icon Walls. The existing forms can also be customized by an administrator to include more fields used in managers' scopes so that files route properly after the initial submission.

While administrators can create an unlimited number of mobile forms and an unlimited number of mobile icons, each user’s mobile Icon Wall can only accommodate a maximum of 5 mobile forms.

Can I put the mobile submission form on the Icon Wall as a sort of quick submit web form?

No. It is for mobile-use only. You can create a desktop-specific quick submit form.

Can patients/non staff use the app?

Typically, no. Users of the app must be also able to log into RL6. However, anonymous submission is an option for mobile. In RL6 web, access the General Systems Parameters page. Go to 'Allow_Anonymous_Mobile' and enable to allow anonymous mobile submissions. Then post the server configuration link in a public place to encourage usage and reporting for anyone with the RL6:Mobile app.

I need to shut down the app because it's timing out or otherwise misbehaving. How do I do that?

Pre iOS7:

  1. Exit the app.
  2. Double-tap the home button.
  3. Hold your finger over the RL app until the red circle appears.
  4. Tap the red circle.
  5. The RL6 app has been shut down.
  6. Re-open the app.

iOS7 and later:

  1. Double-tap the home button.
  2. See that the app window has 'shrunk'.
  3. Put your finger on the middle of the screen and swipe up.
  4. The RL6 app has been shut down.
  5. Re-open the app.


  1. Open 'Recent Applications' menu.
  2. Swipe the RL6:Mobile app to the right.
  3. Restart the app.

Should I teach my staff to use Siri on the 'write me' page? (iOS only)

Any free text field can accept Siri input. Tap the field, and then tap the microphone icon in the keyboard tray (left of the spacebar). Then speak into the microphone. Siri will do its best to translate speech to text.

Siri sends what you say to Apple servers, where the data can be stored for up to 2 years. The data is associated with a unique ID for your device. This ID is not associated with you or your Apple accounts. Your recordings are stored together under this ID and used for what Apple describes as ‘Siri improvement’. Apple has made numerous statements that indicate they do not use the information collected for anything other than improving Siri.

Train your users that the data sent to Apple may not be secure (though the transport of the data is encrypted) and if they should use it to dictate any PHI.